BRCP - British Register of Complementary Practitioners

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About Us

The BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) was established in 1989 and is one of the longest-running multi-disciplinary registers of complementary practitioners and therapists in the UK.

Previously administered by the ICNM (Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine), ownership was transferred to The Confederation of Healing Organisations in 2017 when the ICNM closed. We are delighted to ensure the continuation of this important resource, which provides information to help the public to make choices about safe and appropriate complementary medicine.

  • Provision of a searchable resource for the public to find practitioners and therapists who meet its rigorous quality and standards.
  • Promoting and supporting best practice for all practitioners and therapists who work within complementary medicine.
  • Our Advisors have relevant clinical expertise to support the BRCP Registrar with membership applications and clinic affiliations, course approval and research enquiries.
  • Through our Approved Training and CPD (Continuing Professional and Personal Development) courses, the BRCP offer a clear career structure for our members from Student to Senior Practitioner.
  • We are actively engaged in the development of training standards. To this end, we evaluate Complementary and Alternative Medicine training and CPD courses in association with our many Advisors across the disciplines; working to clarify the syllabus, learning outcomes and student progress, to the point of registration as an Approved Training Course.
  • We actively support the regulatory process for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
  • We provide an information service to schools and Careers Libraries in the UK as required.