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Liverpool clinic works with local charity to ensure everyone can access homeopathy

‘Liverpool Homeopathy’ is a low cost homeopathy clinic that has been set up in the heart of Liverpool. It has been established by two charities to allow everyone in the Liverpool area access to high quality ‘low cost’ homeopathy from very experienced homeopaths

Underpinned by British Homeopathic Association (BHA) homeopathy clinics, Liverpool Homeopathy opened its doors on the 24th April. The clinic delivers low-cost homeopathic care to the people of Liverpool and is based at the Liverpool Medical Institution at 114 Mount Pleasant in the city centre. The clinic offers appointments with experienced homeopathic practitioners at very little cost, just £20 for an initial consultation and £10 for a follow up appointment. The British Homeopathic Association (BHA) worked with another local charity, the North West Friends of Homeopathy to open this clinic to ensure everyone can have access to homeopathy.

This innovative project replaces the original long standing NHS Homeopathic service following the withdrawal of its ‘low cost’ funding by the local Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The citizens of Liverpool have had Homeopathy availability for over 100 years, and free at the point of access since the setting up of the NHS in 1948.  The original NHS Homeopathic Hospital – the Hahnemann Hospital on Hope Street in the city centre still stands to this day, although it has now been acquired by the local universities for student accommodation.

The new ‘low cost’ service is delivered by 4 local Homeopaths – the team is made up of 2 medically qualified Homeopaths, one of whom is a BRCP registrant – and 2 Professional Homeopaths. At present the service will run as a 1-day per week clinic, but as demand increases the clinic sessions will be increased.


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