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Returning to Work - a thank you

​As members will know from our emails, we’ve been working hard over the last months to ensure that they’ve had up-to-date and easy to consume information about the Covid 19 pandemic and its  implications as soon as it has been available.  We’ll continue to provide updates and advice as required going forward, because we all know now that Covid is going to have much longer term implications than perhaps anyone had realised in the spring; particularly for those of us whose work involves being close to or having contact with our clients.

We appreciate that there has been a lot of information to go through, links to check, documents to read and from a number of different sources.  We were keen to get a comprehensive reference resource out there early so that our members had time to consider when a return to work would be appropriate for them and make informed choices about their approach to ensure they did so in the safest possible way.

As well as regular emails, we also offered our series of weekly Zoom meetings that aimed to provide support and guidance for our members in the run up to returning to work.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed.  We very much appreciate the very positive feedback on the content and timeliness.  We were pleased to hear that having the opportunity to share concerns, views and approach with others was invaluable.  We also had a number of phone enquiries on the same theme and were pleased to be able to provide individual guidance as needed. 

All the discussions yielded much food for thought for everyone involved and has led to some consideration on how we might continue to provide support and resources going forward. Members attending the sessions reacted positively to the suggestion of a monthly peer support group on Zoom to continue the sharing and discussions on a broader range of subjects relating to practice.

We’re responding to that positivity…. watch this space for further information.


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