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Sarah Bainbridge - My BRCP Story!

My name is Sarah Bainbridge and I have been a qualified Bioresonance Therapist with my own practice and a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners since 2011.

My story began when I found myself as the mother of a young baby, working full time and looking after a family, struggling with increasing tiredness and a feeling of just not being well, all of which I just put down to the pressures of the ‘job’.  Months later, with increasingly severe symptoms and after endless inconclusive checkups, clear blood tests and appointments with consultants, the only explanation there appeared to be was that it might be IBS caused by stress - the “Really it’s all in your head and you just need to relax” diagnosis!

I turned to complementary medicine and tried a number of different therapies, all of which gave me some relief to my problems but never really solving the issue completely.  Just as I had almost given up hope of ever feeling well again, I found Bioresonance and a fantastic therapist who helped me understand the true causes of ill health.  I can’t believe how ill I felt back then and how much better I feel now!

My own experience made me passionate about the possibilities of Bioresonance Therapy linked with a wider understanding of ill health and poor wellbeing, its causes and the strategies needed to resolve issues.  I wanted to provide others with the chance to access this approach so undertook training at the Academy of Bioregulatory Medicine in London under the directorship of Dr Shakambet and Dr Bosh, pioneers of Bioregulatory Medicine.

On gaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Bioresonance Medicine, I started the Life Waves Practice and have since had the privilege to help many others experience the potentially life changing transformation I still feel so lucky to have had myself.

I joined the BRCP because I felt this was an important part of setting up my practice and starting to work as a therapist.  I felt that membership not only provided me with ongoing support and guidance - so important in a role that can, in fact, be quite isolating when you aren’t necessarily working alongside other therapists regularly - but also provided a level of confidence in my abilities, skills and professional recognition for my clients.  At a time when people often have quite a high level of anxiety due to feeling unwell, they want to feel reassured that when they have taken the often difficult step to try a new approach to resolving those health issues, they are being treated by a competent and fully trained person.  Membership of the BRCP provides that reassurance. 

After more than 6 years in practice I decided to become a Senior Practitioner with the BRCP to further enhance my credibility and, again, provide my clients with ongoing reassurance regarding not only my skills but also my own ongoing professional development - that I am continually learning and, hopefully, improving so that I can always ensure I’m providing the best service and therapy I can.

Becoming an Advisor with the BRCP is the final piece in the jigsaw and was important to me as a means of giving back to the community of therapists I am a part of.  When I was starting out and learning I received so much help and support, which made such a difference to me at the time.  The least I feel I can do now is to, in some way, provide the same  help and support to others in my field.  Bioresonance Therapy has so much potential for helping so many people improve their health, but it can only do this if there is a network of competent, well trained and well informed therapists who can help.  Being part of this network and helping others to progress is my own small ‘thank you’ for the treatment I received, which made such a difference to me in the first place and the opportunities I’ve had to help others experience the same since!


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